Book Cover Design

Winner of the AIGA’s 50 Books / 50 Covers of 2016

Published by ITNA Press in 2016

Faced by hospitalizations, therapies and rehabilitations, the characters in Flamingos are in a permanent state of psychological mutation. In exchange for melancholy reminiscences about their mundane existence, false messiah Simon holds out a promise of release from the drudgeries and depressions of Middle America.

Grant Maierhofer’s polyphonic voice formally recalls such Modernist masterpieces as Virginia Woolf’s The Waves. Nonetheless, this book is wholly his own, a brilliant, idiosyncratic exploration of the fragmented twenty-first-century mind.

flamingos mario dzurila aiga 50 50 book cover design
Mario Dzurila Flamingos Book Cover AIGA 50 Books 50 Covers 2016 Grant Maierhofer